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Daoud Research Group

Shi J, Ao K, Firdous I, Zhang X, Fahim M, Wang L, Daoud WA (2023), Dynamic Quantification of the Overall Effect of Dielectric Polarization, Nano Energy, 105, 108029.










Xie X, Mushtaq F, Wang Q, Daoud WA (2023), The Renaissance of the Zn-Ce Flow Battery: Dual-Membrane Configuration Enables Unprecedentedly High Efficiency, ACS Energy Letters, 7, 3484-3491.







Zhao H, Ren Y, Bo X, Si L, Wei Z, Daoud WA (2023), A novel study on COF-based semi-solid electrolyte for spinel LiNi0. 5Mn1. 5O4 targeting transition metals migration, Scripta Materialia, 223, 115101.

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