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Daoud Research Group

Daoud WA & Pang GKH (2006), Direct synthesis of nanowires with anatase and TiO2-B structures at near ambient

conditions, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 110, 25746-25750.

Daoud WA, Xin JH, Zhang YH & Make, CL (2006), Pulsed laser deposition of super hydrophobic thin Teflon films on cellulosic fibers, Thin Solid Films, 515, 835-837.

Daoud WA, Xin JH & Tao X (2006), Synthesis and characterization of hydrophobic silica nanocomposites, Applied Surface Science, 252, 5368-5371.

Daoud WA & Turner ML (2006), Effect of interfacial properties and film thickness on device performance of bilayer TiO2-poly(1,4-phenylenevinylene) solar cells prepared by spin coating, Reactive and Functional Polymers, 66, 13-20.

Qi K, Daoud WA, Xin JH, Mak CL, Tang W & Cheung WP (2006), Self-cleaning cotton, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 16, 


Qi K, Daoud WA, Xin J & Mak CL (2006), Self-cleaning cotton fabrics, Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings

920, 135-141.

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