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Daoud Research Group

Wang L & Daoud WA (2017), UV-Induced Photocatalytic Cashmere Fibers, Materials, 10, 1414.





Yang Xa & Daoud WA (2017), Synergetic Effects in Composite-based Flexible Hybrid Mechanical Energy Harvesting Generator, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5, 9113 - 9121.

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Hu YDaoud WA, Fei B, Chen L, Kwan TH & Lin CSK (2017), Efficient ZnO aqueous nanoparticle catalysed lactide synthesis for poly(lactic acid) fibre production from food waste, Journal of Cleaner Production, 165, 157-167.


Pakdel E, Daoud WA, Afrin T, Sun L & Wang X (2017), Enhanced antimicrobial coating on cotton and its impact on UV protection and physical characteristics, Cellulose, 24, 4003-4015.


Chai G, Luo S, Zhou H. & Daoud WA (2017), CH3NH3PbI3 - xBrx perovskite solar cells via spray assisted two-step deposition: Impact of bromide on stability and cell performance, Materials and Design, 125, 222-229.



Huen P & Daoud WA (2017), Advances in hybrid solar photovoltaic and thermoelectric generators, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 72, 1295-1302.

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Xiang Y & Daoud WA (2017), Electrochemical enhancement of carbon paper by indium modification for the positive side of vanadium redox flow battery, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 164, A2256-A2261.

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