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Daoud Research Group

Xie X, Chan C, Daoud WA (2021), NiMoO4 nanorods with rich catalytic sites as superb electrocatalyst for cerium-based flow battery, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, in press.




Qin Z, Mou J,  Daoud WA, Lin C, et al. (2021),  Biotechnology of Plastic Waste Degradation, Recycling, and Valorization: Current Advances and Future Perspectives, ChemSusChem, in press.

Firdous I, Fahim M, Wang L, Li WJ, Zi Y, Daoud WA (2021), Boosting current output of triboelectric nanogenerator by two orders of magnitude via hindering interfacial charge recombination, Nano Energy, 89, 106315.


Ao K, Daoud WA (2021), Facile controlled formation of CoNi alloy and CoO embedded in N-doped carbon as advanced electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution and zinc-air battery, Electrochimica Acta, 395, 139204.








Fahim MFirdous I, Zhang W, Daoud WA (2021), Bifunctional interfacial engineering for piezo-phototronic enhanced photovoltaic performance of wearable perovskite solar cells, Nano Energy, 86, 106127.

Sazonov E, Daoud WA (2021), Grand Challenges in Wearable Electronics, Frontiers in Electronics, 2, 668619.

Uyanga K, Daoud WA (2021), Green and sustainable carboxymethyl cellulose-chitosan composite hydrogels: Effect of crosslinker on microstructure, Cellulose,






Uyanga K, Daoud WA (2021), Carboxymethyl cellulose-chitosan composite hydrogel: Modelling and experimental study of the effect of composition on microstructure and swelling response, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 181, 1010-1022.




Wang L, Bian Y, KentLim C, Niu Z, K.H.Lee P, Chen C, Zhang L, Daoud WA, Zi Y (2021), Tribo-Charge Enhanced Hybrid Air Filter Masks for Efficient Particulate Matter Capture with Greatly Extended Service Life, Nano Energy, 85, 106015.












Uyanga K, Iamphaojeena Y, Daoud WA (2021), Effect of zinc ion concentration on crosslinking of carboxymethyl cellulose sodium-fumaric acid composite hydrogel, Polymer, 225, 123788.


Zhang W, Xiong J, Li J, Daoud WA (2021), Organic Dye Passivation for High-Performance All-Inorganic CsPbI1.5 Br1.5 Perovskite Solar Cells with Efficiency over 14%, Advanced Energy Materials, 11, 2003585. Hot Topic: Solar cell (Wiley-VCH)


Firdous I, Fahim M, Daoud WA, (2021), Performance Enhancement of Triboelectric Nanogenerator through Hole and Electron Blocking Layers-Based Interfacial Design, Nano Energy, 82, 105694.





Schmickler W, Nazmutdinov RR, Wang Q, Daoud WA, (2021), Electrochemistry of Ce(IV)/Ce((III) redox couples in mixed solutions for aqueous flow battery: experimental and molecular modelling study, Electrochimica Acta, 368, 137601.

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