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Daoud Research Group

Bo X, Uyanga KA, Wang L, Firdous I, Shi J, Li W, Almardi JM, Fahim M, Liu F, Lyu H, Daoud WA (2022), High power-output and highly stretchable protein-based biomechanical energy harvester, Chemical Engineering Journal, 451, 138714.












Wang L, Wang Y, Bo X, Wang H, Yang S, Tao X, Zi Y, Yu WW, Li WJ, Daoud WA (2022), High‐Performance Biomechanical Energy Harvester Enabled by Switching Interfacial Adhesion via Hydrogen Bonding and Phase Separation, Advanced Functional Materials, 32, 2204304.













Fahim M, Firdous I, Tsang SW, Daoud WA (2022), Engineering intrinsic flexibility in polycrystalline perovskite film by grain boundary stitching for high mechanical endurance, Nano Energy, 96, 107058.











Zhao H, Lam WYA, Wang L, Xu H, Daoud WA, He X (2022), The significance of detecting imperceptible physical/chemical changes/reactions in lithium-ion batteries: a perspective, Energy & Environmental Science, 15, 2329-2355.










Pakdel E, Daoud WA, Varley RJ, Wang X (2022), Antibacterial textile and the effect of incident light wavelength on its photocatalytic self-cleaning activity, Materials Letters, 318, 132223.








Ao K, Shi J, Zhang X, Daoud WA (2022), Tuning oxygen vacancies in spinel nanosheets for binder-free oxygen cathodes with superior catalytic activity in zinc-air batteries, Journal of Power Sources, 521, 230918.

Wang L, Bian Y, Lim C, Niu Z, Lee P, Chen C, Zhang L, Zi Y, Daoud WA (2022), Solvent-Free Adhesive Ionic Elastomer for Multifunctional Stretchable Electronics, Nano Energy, 91, 106611.

Ao K, Zhang X, Nazmutdinov RR, Wang D, Shi J, Yue X, Sun J, Schmickler W, Daoud WA (2022), Hierarchical CoFe@ N‐Doped Carbon Decorated Wood Carbon as Bifunctional Cathode in Wearable Zn‐Air Battery, Energy & Environmental Materials, e12499.




Suo J, Liu Y, Wu C, Chen M, Huang Q, Liu Y, Yao K, Chen Y, Pan Q, Chang X, Leung AY, Chan H, Zhang J, Yang Z, Daoud WA, Li X, Roy AL, Shen J, Yu X, Wang J, Li W (2022), Wide‐Bandwidth Nanocomposite‐Sensor Integrated Smart Mask for Tracking Multiphase Respiratory Activities, Advanced Science, 9, 2203565.

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