Daoud Research Group


​Welcome, Wei!

​Welcome Wei Wang to join our Lab.

 27 Aug 2022

​Welcome, Agnes!

​Welcome Agnes Valencia to join our Lab.

 22 Aug 2022

​Congrats, Dr. Cathy, Dr. Fahim and Dr. Irum!

12 Aug 2022

​Welcome, Sherry!

​Welcome Yang Yang to join our Lab.

8 July 2022

​Congrats, Dr. Kelong!

25 Mar 2022

​Welcome, Eleven and Xian!

​Welcome Shiyi Yang and Xian Yue to join our Lab.

1 Nov 2021

​Congrats, Dr. Kindness!

23 July 2021

​Welcome, Matilda!

​Welcome Xiaoyu Chang to join our Lab.

1 March 2021

​Welcome, Yang!

​Welcome Xiangyang Zhang to join our Lab.

25 January 2021

​Congrats, Dr. Weihai!


8 January 2021

​Congrats to Weihai!


28 Dec 2020

​Congrats to Irum!

IRUM Nano Energy 2020.jpg

16 Dec 2020

​Welcome, Fei and Anthony!

​Welcome Fei Liu and Anthony Setiadi to join our Lab.

1 Dec 2020

​Congrats to Cathy!

10 Nov 2020

​Congrats to Lynn!

​Welcome, Selena, Kohn and Fem!

​Welcome Huanlin Lyu, Xiangkun Zhang and Faheem Mushtaq to join our Lab.

30 Jul 2020

​Welcome, Stan and Jasim!

​Welcome Jihong Shi and Jasim Almardi to join our Lab.

30 Jul 2020

​Congrats to Ivy!

Congrats to Ivy for her work "Aqueous multi-electron electrolyte for hybrid flow batteries with high energy and power densities" published in Journal of Power Sources Advances!

22 Jul 2020

Farewell to Dr. Li

Dr Bo Li, associate professor of Jiangsu University of Technology, visited the Lab from August 2019 to July 2020. Heartfelt thanks and blessings to Dr. Li and his family. 

16 Jul 2020

​Congrats to Kelong!

Congrats to Kelong for his work "MOF-Derived Sulfide-Based Electrocatalyst and Scaffold for Boosted Hydrogen Production" published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces!

06 Jul 2020

​Congrats to Kindness!

Congrats to Kindness for her work "Citric acid crosslinked natural bi-polymer-based composite hydrogels: Effect of polymer ratio and beta-cyclodextrin on hydrogel microstructure" published in Reactive and Functional Polymers !

30 Jun 2020

​Congrats to Weihai!

Congrats to Weihai for his work on "Seed‐Assisted Growth for Low‐Temperature‐Processed All‐Inorganic CsPbIBr2 Solar Cells with Efficiency over 10%" published in Small !

Congrats to Xiya for passing her PhD defense.

14 May 2020

Congrats, Dr. Ivy!

Celebration after Ivy's PhD defense 2020

Ivy's PhD graduation dinner.jpeg

2 Jan 2020

Congrats, Dr. Danny!

Celebration after Danny's PhD defense 2019


9 Oct 2019

Congrats to Kindness on winning the Best Poster Award in IRC!

Kindness's work "Synthesis and Characterization of Carboxymethyl Cellulose-Chitosan Based Composite Hydrogels for Biomedical and Non-Biomedical Applications" is awarded Best Presentation during International Research Conference 2019. Wonderful!


28 Aug 2019

Congrats, Dr. Lynn!

Congrats to Lynn for passing her PhD defense.

Lynn's PhD graduation dinner.jpeg

10 Apr 2019

Self-cleaning textile exhibition

Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 10.49.41 PM.pn

16 Nov 2018

Congrats, Dr. Xiya!


14 Aug 2018

Energy Harvesting and Smart Wearable Technologies Laboratory