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Daoud Research Group

Pakdel E, Daoud WA, Afrin T, Sun L & Wang X (2015), Self-cleaning wool: effect of noble metals and silica on visible-light-induced functionalities of nano TiO2 colloid, Journal of the Textile Institute, 106, 1348-1361.

Pakdel E, Daoud WA & Wang X (2015), Assimilating the photo-induced functions of TiO2-based compounds in textiles: emphasis on the sol-gel process, Textile Research Journal, 85, 1404-1428.

Nikiforidis G & Daoud WA (2015), Indium modified graphite electrodes on highly zinc containing methanesulfonate electrolyte for zinc-cerium redox flow battery, Electrochimica Acta, 168, 394-402.

Luo S & Daoud WA (2015), Recent progress in organic-inorganic halide perovskite solar cells: mechanisms and material design, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 3, 8992-9010.

Nikiforidis G, Xiang Y & Daoud WA (2015), Electrochemical behavior of carbon paper on cerium methanesulfonate electrolytes for zinc-cerium flow battery, Electrochimica Acta, 157,274-281.


Wong A, Daoud WA, Liang H & Szeto YS (2015), Application of rutile and anatase onto cotton fabric and their effect on the NIR reflection/surface temperature of the fabric, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 134, 425-437.

Pakdel E, Daoud WA, Sun L & Wang X (2015), Photostability of wool fabrics coated with pure and modified TiO2 colloids, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 440, 299-30.


Wang L & Daoud WA (2015), BiOI/TiO2-nanorod array heterojunction solar cell: Growth, charge transport kinetics and photoelectrochemical properties, Applied Surface Science, 324, 532-537.

Nikiforidis G & Daoud WA (2015), Thermally modified graphite electrodes for the positive side of the zinc-cerium redox flow battery,  Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 162, A809-A819.

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