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Daoud Research Group



  • Almardi JM, Daoud WA, Automatic Watch Inspired Omnidirectional All Frequency Wave Energy Converter, US Patent, 63/437,440, filed - 6 Jan 2023.

  • Firdous, I, Dapid WA, Fahim M, Autonomous Self-Healable And Mechanically Robust Hydrogel And Triboelectric Nanogenerator Comprising The Same, 18/485,454, filed 12 Oct 2023.

  • Bo X, Daoud WA, Li W, Zhao H, ​Biomass-based stretchable hydrogel materials applied in monitoring human body motion, 63/517,955, filed 7 Aug 2023

  • Bo X, Daoud WA, Wang L, Li W, Stretchable Solid Ionic Electrode for Biomechanical Energy Harvesting, 202210633338.5, field 7 Jun 2022.

  • Wang L, Daoud WA, Method of Non-adhesion Interfacial Engineering for High-performance Biomechanical Energy Harvesting, US Patent, 17/732,636, issued 29 April 2022.

  • Hu Y, Lin C, Daoud WA, Method for Synthesizing Lactide by Means of Catalysis of Lactic Acid, US Patent, US10392362, issued 27 August 2019.

  • Daoud WA, Wang L, Liu F, Iamphaojeen Y, Functional Cashmere Fiber and Fabrication Method Thereof, PCT Patent, Application Number PCT/CN2019/089915, filed 4 June 2019.

  • Xu Y, Daoud WA, Leung M, Method for Making Aerogel, China Patent, Application Number 16/007,003, filed 13 June 2018.

  • Daoud WA, Leung SK, Tung WS, Xin JH, Wang X, Kong YY, Qi K, Formulation Coated Self-cleaning Wool, US Patent, US8679588, issued 25 March 2014.

  • Daoud WA, Xin JH, Qi K, Method for Preparing an Article with Single-Phase Anatase Titanium Oxide, US Patent, US8309167, issued 13 Nov 2013.

  • Daoud WA, Xin JH, Qi K, Method for Making Single-Phase Anatase Titanium Oxide, US Patent, US7255847, issued 14 Aug 2007.

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