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Energy Harvesting and Wearable Energy Technologies

Daoud Research Group

Recent Research

 Energy Harvesting

           A Combined Tribo‐Piezoelectric Nanogenerator (Adv. Funct. Mater. 26, 2016). 

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Energy Harvesting

The group developed a hybrid generator by combining two energy conversion concepts, piezoelectric and triboelectric effects, after successfully unravelling the transduction mechanisms of the individual generators and the combined effects. 

Wearable Energy Technologies

The group’s investigation into light harvesting self-cleaning natural fibers using the concepts of photocatalysis and nanotechnology was a first in the textile community. It was recognized internationally, with features in Nature (2004) and Science (2008).

CityU Press  SCMP Report

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Energy Harvesting and Wearable Energy Technologies Laboratory
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